BEAUTYPICOver the past several years irrigation technology has evolved into an exact science due primarily to conservation efforts. The days of over watering have come to an end; we must conserve our most precious resource. Rainbird in particular has taken that very serious and has re-invented their professional line of products in order to allow the contractors to provide water conservation to the consumers.

We are the leaders in water conservation and have the experience to back it up. We have been keeping up with the latest water saving technology and have been installing those products as standard fare for years. We currently have numerous irrigation systems in operation using Rainbird water saving sprinklers and Rainbird Smart controllers with an average water savings of 30% or more over conventional systems. We have Smart Controller systems in operation from Ouray to Mesquite Nevada with proven water savings. We also have the technology available to remotely adjust and monitor your irrigation controller. In 2010 we were involved in a LEED project in Durango Colorado that was Certified Platinum, the highest rating!

We also specialize in Xerigation and drip systems using the newest technology available.

We are a Rainbird 100% Select Contractor and only use Professional Quality Rainbird product. Our manager, Kent is a Certified Irrigation Contractor and a Certified Irrigation Designer through The Irrigation Association, and a Certified Backflow prevention tester. Our foremen have completed training thru the Rainbird Academy as well as regional training, and in house training. Our technicians have completed regional training, in house training, and attend continuing education training.

Our designs use the latest water saving technology available and are drawn using state of the art computer software. We will never use the old napkin method, as proper irrigation today is a science using hydraulics, plant water use, location, and several other factors. Beware of the contractor that will offer you a per square foot price, or the onsite hand drawn sketch method, they are not giving you a design that will water properly or give you long lasting satisfaction. What you spend on initial cost of a properly designed system you more than make up for in water savings and water cost over the life of the system.

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Mission Statement

To provide our customers with the highest quality Designs, Materials, and Workmanship,
so that they may enjoy their yards for years to come.